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when did tumblr collectively decide not to use punctuation like when did this happen why is this a thing

it just looks so smooth I mean look at this sentence flow like a jungle river

All you kids practicin’ to be John Green when you grow up without knowing that you’re actually emulating Cormac McCarthy

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Patrick Seymour

words from the magnificent mind of

Reading this poem feels like ripping off the scab on my heart that I thought had almost healed.
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do people who wear matching socks every day even exist

This is so frustrating. I can either send this post over 400 notes by explaining how important it is to me that my socks match, or I can scroll past it knowing Tumblr user girlfriendofficial will never be aware that people like me struggle with this every day.

My OCD hurts.

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I, for one, welcome our future Indian-Chinese lesbian cyborg president.

This is actually entirely plausible, presuming it’s not against Australian law.
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Music Asks


  1. Song that always makes you happy
  2. Song you listen to when you’re sad
  3. Top 5 songs of an artist of your choosing
  4. 3 most played songs on iTunes or etc.
  5. Favourite song right now
  6. Favourite album of all time
  7. Favourite song of all time
  8. Favourite artist of all time
  9. A memory associated to an artist of your choosing
  10. Song that you feel you must always dance to
  11. First record you bought
  12. A song that reminds you of someone you love
  13. A song from your childhood
  14. A song that reflects your personality
  15. Most hated song of all time
  16. Most overrated song
  17. Most underrated song
  18. Most overrated artist
  19. Most underrated artist
  20. Favourite vocal performance
  21. Favourite guitar solo
  22. A song no one would expect you to love
  23. A song you get stick for liking
  24. A song you’d like at your funeral
  25. A song you’d like for your first dance
  26. Karaoke song
  27. Favourite summertime song
  28. Favourite Christmas song
  29. An artist you used to love but don’t really listen to now
  30. A cover that is better than the original
  31. A song you have to crank the volume up for
  32. What song was top of the charts when you were born
  33. C.D. that’s always in the car
  34. The album you bought 
  35. Dream band line up
  36. Favourite musician/band from your country
  37. Which genre of music features most heavily in your collection
  38. Which genre(s) do you try to avoid
  39. A song that reminds you of someone you love
  40. A song that is always stuck in your head